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Canvas Sky

  What would Michelangelo do with this sky? Hard to know what figures he would place in it. But his forms came to mind when I looked up. A sculptor, painter and architect. Did he prefer true curve over painted dimension? The masculine form with its hard muscle came alive under his chisel and brush. But […]

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cameo – about

  When I decided to use my grandmother’s cameo as a prop for our first photo shoot, I realized I did not know much about the cameo except that it was a family heirloom. My mom gave it to me just before the shoot and its close proximity sparked my curiosity. After some research, I […]

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      My grandmother’s cameo was the inspiration behind our first lookbook. I was moved to learn more about the origin of the cameo and how it was made …

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Penelope at her Loom

    A slow fashion story : )  When I first started HERLOOM, I sent my friends this painting joking that Penelope didn’t look as excited about HER LOOM as I was.   What I did not share was the significance of the work. The subject is Penelope, wife of Odysseus, the main character in […]

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vintage find + fine tee

Local contest to support closet sensibility.   I “pop” tags all the time. A term made popular by local rap artist Macklemore. It is necessary when you are owner of a bootstrapping startup and want to look good. It’s not that I don’t want to mix my consignment finds with new clothes (that are thoughtfully and […]

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