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Mark West / FabricForm

  We enjoyed the UW Department of Architecture lecture given by Mark West of C.A.S.T., Winnipeg, who spoke of the beauty and usefulness of using fabric forms for reinforced concrete construction.   “Work at CAST generally begins with relatively small physical models made with “analog” materials (plaster to model concrete, paper or plastic sheets to model […]

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ultimate promo bag

    #womensequalityday #nineteenthamendment #suffrage #vote #representation #suffragette    

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feminine tee

  We design with thought to construction inspired by the beauty of the fabric and female form.   Architect, Oscar Niemeyer, said,  “My work is not about ‘form follows function,’ but ‘form follows beauty’ or, even better, ‘form follows feminine.’ ”   What is feminine? Traditionally delicate, fragile, and dainty are adjectives associated with femininity. What […]

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Penelope at her Loom

    A slow fashion story : )  When I first started HERLOOM, I sent my friends this painting joking that Penelope didn’t look as excited about HER LOOM as I was.   What I did not share was the significance of the work. The subject is Penelope, wife of Odysseus, the main character in […]

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